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Why use a Buyer's Agent?

So why would we or should we use a Buyers Agent? What does a Buyers Agent do? A lot of people, mostly first home buyers and investors, are contacting us at the moment who don't have time, haven't got the know-how and want to save money. They haven't got the time, haven't got the knowledge, and haven't the context or experience to be able to get the best property results. Now we know investing in Real Estate is not a proven, fool-proof method to success or wealth creation, but we can minimise a lot of the mistakes by doing things right the first time. That's where a Buyer's Agent or Buyers Advocate comes in.

So, there are three things to consider.

  1. Understand the legwork involved in finding a property. Believe it or not, it's not just jumping on and picking the best thing that relates to the your relevant purchase price or what your lender has indicated you can borrow. Researching a particular market and then shortlisting properties that are going to work for your strategy is really critical.

  2. Research the markets around the country. Understanding which markets to invest in and which ones to stay away from based on what you want to achieve is so important. There is a lot of time and knowledge involved in that. You need to understand what to look for in terms of micro and macro indicators, the population, the infrastructure, and the economy. Also an analysis of the days on market, the vacancy rates, really what's happening on the ground in those particular areas. Having the time and knowledge to do this yourself can be tricky.

  3. It's not what you know, but who you know. So what contacts and connections do you need? Who do you need to have on speed dial? What contacts do you need to have on your team? Real Estate Agents, vendors. It takes years of experience to build up contacts to have in your kit bag and to know that you're getting presented with great opportunities long before the general market sees them so by the time it's on, you've already got offers out there, looked over the contracts and are ready to execute. That's how a Buyer's Agent gets better opportunities, as opposed to just waiting on or Domain for properties to come along.

So combining those three things together, you will be able to dramatically minimise the mistakes

investors and first home buyers make.

A Buyers Agent can hold your hand, help you avoid common mistakes, and keep you accountable (I meet so many people that come to me saying they've been wanting to do something for 12 months, 18 months, two years or longer, but their own person fears around taking action stops them in their tracks).

So if a Buyers Agent is someone you feel you need in your life, reach out! We service the Central Coast, Newcastle, Sydney and Melbourne areas!

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