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Tips for buying interstate

Buying interstate, it's very much a mindset thing, isn't it? Most common for us as investors or owner/occupiers is to buy locally and it's safe and it's comfortable and we know the area because we've grown up in it but buying elsewhere away from where we live is a bit of a daunting task for most people so having the right mindset around that thinking that it's just another property in another street somewhere around the country we're still doing obviously our due diligence and we're actually doing more due diligence so I'll show you how that looks.

Now take a visit get down there, get up there, get across there, spend a day there, talk to the locals, talk to plenty of agents, and become familiar with the area it's probably five or ten percent of the total makeup of your research, but it's a bit of a sleep at night factor. Have five or six agents in your corner working hard for you so you're the squeaky wheel you're the one that gets called first when we're when a property's being listed or is about to be listed they know your strategy they know you're ready to go they know you're keen and keep them as a friend not a foe.

There's a whole range of things that we can be doing online that's going to provide most of the research for you to become comfortable in the area that you're going to invest, and basically just knowledge. Knowledge gets us as many offers out there as you can, get it in quick and fast once you know your strategy.

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