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How to achieve your goals

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Contrary to belief, a goal is imperative for results. Don’t listen to the ‘naysayers’ that shoot your goals down on you.

Somewhere between having a dream as a kid to setting a goal as an adult, it lost its coolness and somehow became a bit ‘uncool’.

The tall poppy syndrome somehow kicked in! Please don’t let that happen to you, stick to your guns and tell the world what your goals are.

My non negotiables for setting a goal;

Make it realistic

If I set a goal to run 10km’s in 30 minutes I know that no matter how much training I did, I would never be able to reach that goal. If the target was 35 minutes, I am now making it realistic. Make sure you know your capabilities but don’t sell yourself short either.

Make it measurable

The goal must have a timeframe, and a measurement of value ie. weight or $ value. Again relating it to exercise, a goal may be to lose weight. There is no measurement to assess this. But if we altered the goal to ‘lose 10kgs’ we now have a measurement.

Must have a Yes/No answer

I need to be able to say ‘yes’ I achieved this or ‘no’ I didn’t. No maybes or grey areas in the goal.

Must be written down

A goal written down has proven to have a 42% better chance of being reached. It also has a better chance of someone seeing it if it is written down, which is my next non negotiable.

Must tell someone

Now the goal is shared, it becomes a whole lot more serious and again more likely to be achieved. As hard as this might be for you, someone keeping you accountable is what you need to keep you focused and on track with your goal.

And when you're kicking goals

Make sure you celebrate the wins every time and then set the next goal!”

Create minimum 2 habits for this goal

Habits are imperative. You don’t get clean teeth by brushing them for 3hrs once a month. You get clean teeth but brushing them twice daily and flossing once per day. If your habits become habitual, your goal will be naturally achieved easier. In fact, you will find that your goal will now not be as greater hurdle to complete as you are spending your energies and focus on hitting the habits each day, week and month.

Review every 6 months or sooner if you require

As a result of hitting the already mentioned non negotiables, there is a good chance you will also need to re-assess your goal regularly eg make it harder.

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