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How much does a Buyer’s Agent cost, and are they worth their fee?

Buying a home is an expensive exercise with those purchasing paying stamp duty, conveyancing and legal fees, as well as a huge chunk of money for a deposit.

So I guess you might be thinking, "Would you really want to pay more for something you could do yourself"? The Buyer’s Agents works solely for buyer and aims to find a suitable property according to the buyer’s strategy, and often negotiates the purchase on behalf of the buyer.

Now, depending on the service needed, generally, for a full search, inspection, and negotiation service, they will charge a percentage of the property’s sale price, which can be up to 3 per cent, plus GST.

When houses in Sydney are selling well over $1 million, that adds up to a lot of money. So is it worth it?

Well here at Envisage Property, we like to keep things simple. The quality services but with an easy to understand and manage outlay.

We offer a flat fee to all our clients based on the average cost of a home, no matter how high your purchase price is.

Get in touch to find out more or pop over to our Buyers Agent Service page.

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