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Once you have booked and paid, hit the button below and complete the House and Land Pre-info Form!  John will be in touch asap to confirm your date and time!

We do all the groundwork for you and ensure you reap the rewards no matter what your property strategy.  Why use us?  Ease of process, access to first class and stable and reliable developers and builders.  We understand required building specifications for best results, build costings and inclusions to ensure an economical outcome and you’ll have a highly experienced team of people in your corner.

Here are your options;

  1. You find your own block of land and we find the best build package for you.

  2. We find the block and best build package for you in your local area.

  3. We find the location, land and build package to suit your investment strategy.

  4. We find you a mini-development location and site along with a build package to suit your investment strategy.

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